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Atlas Carbon - JoeMotoRacing.com

Atlas Carbon


The sizing for each Atlas Brace™ is based on chest circumference (distance around the chest, measured just under the arms).

The sizing is as follows:

  • Broll: 21” – 25” (53cm – 63 cm)
  • Tyke: 24” – 28” (61cm – 71 cm)
  • Prodigy: 29” – 33” (74cm – 84 cm)
  • Small: 33” – 36” (84cm – 92 cm)
  • Medium: 37” – 41” (94cm – 104 cm)
  • Large: 42+ (106 cm+)



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Entirely new, yet immediately familiar.

From the moment it’s on your body, you’ll be comfortable using the Atlas Carbon. The sleek new design has been refined to fit better, move around less, and look better, while providing the unmatched comfort and mobility our customers know and love.

Reimagined. Layer by layer.

Carbon fibre is naturally rigid, but that contradicts our strong belief in the safety advantages of flexibility. After years of testing countless weave combinations and layering techniques, we were able to create an incredible new frame construction with 2.5x the flexibility of the previous model. The end result is well worth the effort it took to create it, and is a thing of flexible beauty and sophistication.

Does even more. Weighs even less.

The new Atlas Carbon is unbelievably light – only 580g. And yet it’s more functional and adjustable than the previous model. With the new frame shape, added adjustability, and Easy Open system – all beautifully crafted into a smaller package – the Atlas Carbon is the Holy Grail of neck protection

Smaller. And Bigger.

The sleek and slim new design is a smaller overall product than before, yet it has 27% more contact with your body than the competition. That massive amount of surface area helps spread out potentially harmful impact forces, with an enhanced comfort level making it feel like you are wearing less than before.

Tough. With a side of style.

With inspiration from high end running shoes, we are introducing a big step forward in comfort, durability, and color. The new padding is extremely light weight, incredibly tough and tear resistant, can withstand multiple impacts, is waterproof, and can also be manufactured in exceptionally vibrant colors to match any ones taste and style.